Nersify platform is available to hire from any countries in the world as long as the visa process of immigrating country and hiring country accepts the candidate.

Nersify has an extensive network of recruitment partners and uses a variety of sourcing methods to find qualified candidates, including social media, job boards, and referrals.

Nersify provides a range of services, including immigration support, language testing, credentialing and licensure assistance, relocation services, and ongoing support.

Nursing marketplaces typically handle payments between healthcare facilities and Partners, taking a percentage of the fee charged for the staffing services provided.

The recruitment process can vary depending on a variety of factors, but typically takes between 2-6 months.

We do not charge any candidates and have a bespoke contract with clients. The partners get a lucrative margins to provide the candidates and related services.

Nersify has a rigorous screening process that includes language testing, credentialing and licensure verification, and interviews with experienced recruiters.

Nersify provides language training and support to help candidates improve their language skills and will work with candidates to find alternative licensure options if necessary.

Nersify provides full immigration support to all candidates, including assistance with visa applications, documentation, and travel arrangements.

Nersify provides ongoing support to both the candidate and the partner facility, including assistance with any issues that may arise and regular check-ins to ensure the candidate is performing well.

We'll find the right match for you.

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