When it comes to international recruitment for nursing positions, there are two models you may encounter: direct hire and contract hire. Under direct hire, the international nurse becomes your permanent employee upon arrival and receives the same salary and benefits as your regular nursing staff. Under contract hire, the international nurse is employed by a staffing agency that contracts their services to your facility.

Nersify assists candidates in meeting the necessary English language, credentialing, and licensure requirements for their intended country/state of employment.

Depending on our agreement on service offerings, Nersify takes care of the relocation process for international nurses, arranging flights, airport pickup, temporary housing, transportation, and other essential tasks to ensure a successful settling-in process.

Nersify has a strict verification process in place to ensure that healthcare professionals on our platform are qualified and experienced. We verify credentials such as licenses, certificates, and work experience to ensure that only the best candidates are presented to our clients.

Nersify provides dedicated support throughout the recruitment process, including candidate sourcing, screening, and verification. We also offer additional support such as visa and relocation assistance and training on local country practices.

Nersify takes confidentiality and privacy very seriously and has implemented strict measures to protect the personal and professional information of both healthcare organizations and candidates.

The recruitment process with Nersify varies depending on the needs of each organization, but we strive to provide a streamlined and efficient process that typically takes a few weeks.

Nersify ensures the quality of its candidates by rigorously screening and verifying their qualifications and credentials, as well as by requiring candidates to undergo a thorough interview process.

Yes, Nersify provides dedicated support and services to healthcare organizations throughout the recruitment process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Nersify verifies the qualifications and credentials of all candidates through a rigorous screening process that includes background checks, reference checks, and verification of licenses and certifications.

Nersify offers be-spoke cost-effective recruitment solutions that can help organizations save time and money while still finding the best candidates for their needs. We would be happy to provide you with the customised proposal for your requirements. Please contact us today to help us understand your requirements.

Yes, Nersify specializes in connecting healthcare organizations with medical professionals across a wide range of specialties and roles, including nursing, physician, radiographers, theatre specialists and more

Nersify is a healthcare hiring platform that connects healthcare organizations with qualified medical professionals from around the world. Our platform provides an easy-to-use recruitment process that streamlines the search for healthcare talent.

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